Gear Cluster – Cluster gear, large gear on service station. MS Windows NT 4. Chassis – Chassis assembly – the large plastic item that forms the base of the print mechanism. Guide – Length adjuster Blue – Paper tray extender and paper catch. Pad – Foam catch pad – Keeps paper catch from moving inadvertently. Foot – Rubber foot – Replacement rubber foot for the bottom of the printer two used.

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Mechanical vibration Frequency range Operating random Non-operating random Swept sine. Cover Main – This is the main cover of the printer.

Absorber – Blotter pad – Cleans the ink cartridge before being capped – Narrow pad for black ink cartridge one per package. Power Module – World wide power module – includes power module and power module to printer cord – does not include outlet to power module cord. Cap – Center lifter cap – Holds the pressure plate lifter and the kicker spring in place.

Arm – Clutch desojet arm – Used to engage the pivot gears. Clamp – Nose clamp – Holds black cartridge in place. Belt – Drive belt – For the print mechanism carriage assembly.

HP Toner & Ink Cartridges | Inksaver

Bezel – Keypad bezel – Covers the keypad – Attaches to the front right of the top cover. Edskjet PC Board – This pc board attaches on the carriage, it is usually a small pc board that has carrage cable attached to it.


Carriage Latch Cover – The carriage latch is used to keep the cartridge s in place.

These fonts are available in portrait and landscape orientation. Carriage Base – Carriage base or pre-loader assembly – mounted to bottom of carriage base.

HP DeskJet 855 CSE

Produces clear, crisp black cde. Noise levels per ISO bystander position. Foot – Rubber foot – Replacement rubber foot for the bottom of the printer two used. Cap Lifter – These lifter caps hold the pressure plate lifter and the kicker spring in place.

Ink cartridges for HP Deskjet 855 CSE – compatible, original

Ferrite Assembly – Ferrite assembly – Installed on flex cable assembly. Rod Carriage – Carriage rod – shaft that the carriage assembly rides on. Pad – Friction cork – Installed under paper width adjuster. Adjuster – Pivot stop adjuster – Installed near left end of carriage plate.

Repair Service – Ship your product to us for a small diagnostic fee; and a professional service job. Belt Carriage – Carriage belt – moves the carriage assembly across the carriage rod.

HP DeskJet CSE – Printing – edding

Carriage Assembly – Ink cartridge carriage assembly – includes carriage, felt, felt retainers, ink cartridge latches, trailing cable, pc board, belt attachment hardware, and slider.


Washer – Carriage rod lubrication washer Felt. Wing – Left wing – Holds printed paper after being ejected. Guide – Width adjuster – Paper stack width adjuster. Cap – Left lifter cap – Holds the pressure plate lifter in place. Europe, Middle East, Africa. AC Adapter – Power supply module or adapter – one end for connecting to the printer and other end to the power cord, or your ac adapter may have the pwr cord attached.

DPI is measured in addressable raster points per inch. Lubricant – Special lubricating oil – For carriage slider rod surface – 1 quart bottle. Bracket Right – Right bracket – carriage rod adjustment bracket right.

Motor Service Station – Service station stepper motor does not include cable – moves the rack vertically in the service station assembly. Pivot – Key pivot – Link between panel actuators and micro switches.